Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Magic Camera Theory

Every time I see Arlen Specter on TV talking about Spygate, it always says "D-PA" next to his name. For a long time I thought the D stood for "Democrat" but apparently it stands for douche bag.

I apologize for the crassness of this post, but it touches on a very sensitive subject for me. As a die hard Patriot fan, I find what Specter is doing to be borderline criminal in its idiocy. If you need an update, here it is. I like to think his logic is flawed regardless of what team you support, but that's up for someone else to decide. 

What I see in this situation is as follows: this is beyond the debate of congressional involvement in professional sports. This is beyond the steroids/Mitchell investigation debate. This is a "who gave this moron the right to make decisions?" debate. What I see here is an elected Senator where two teams from his state have been "victimized" by Spygate. Not only that, I see a Senator who is financially supported by Comcast, that has made many damaging remarks against the NFL and their methods of supporting their standards. For those of you who don't know, Comcast is a rival to the NFL Network, which is owned by the NFL. 

So, before Specter pretends to be such an "objective" source, as he so often claims is needed in this investigation, he needs to remind himself who funds his campaigns. No one is objective in this situation. The Patriots aren't objective, the NFL isn't objective, and Specter isn't objective. They all have agendas. Specter needs to stop pretending he is the voice of reason in this chaotic scenario. Need I remind you that Specter is the guy the Magic Bullet Theory is often attributed to? Come on! Why are we listening to him?! 

Seriously! The Magic Bullet Theory. Let's all listen to the guy that came up with that! Clearly he is able to comprehend complex series of evidence and data to reach a reasonable conclusion. Note to Specter: Bullets don't take right angles mid-flight, and cameras don't win championships. 

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